Santa Catarina is a small quiet fishing village on the lakeside of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. I made this picture on a Saturday afternoon where a thunderstorm and the ever present volcanos provide a dramatic background. Waterlevel of the lake is rising so the town soon has to rebuild the football field.
2 Marts 2013
Santa Catarina, Guatemala
dusty Play
Addis Abeba, Ethiopia
On the savannah
The soccer field is rocky and uneven, and the grass is stubby at best. Younger boys play with balls made out of plastic bags, while Jabulani, the prized 2010 World Cup Soccer ball, is kept for the matches. On weekends they play matches against other village teams, walking as long as 2 hours over the hill-paths to get to the other village, then walking back again, often in the dark. Their success rate in 2011 was 55%. They obviously want to improve, but ultimately it is the disciplined lifestyle of soccer that is the reward in itself.
Ntambalala sprawls, South Africa
Trees as goal posts
A group of boys play a football match in the snow beside the apartment block in which they live in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. At one end, two trees functioned as goal posts, while at the other end two poles used to guide traffic did the job. 
February 18, 2014


Dushanbe, Tajikistan
Between the railway
December 2, 2010
Central Jakarta, Indonesia
January 27, 2013
Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia
under the rope
In the troubled South Kivu Province of Eastern DRC (Congo) most basic services have been hobbled by decades of armed conflict.  Despite endemic violence, youth at a local school ground ensure the country’s national sport continues to thrive.
November, 2009
Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo
August 13, 2009
Sines, Portugal
The green area
June 4, 2012
Copenhagen, Denmark
Between buildings
Taranto, Apulia, Italy
In the garden
Ubud, Bali
To keep in shape
This picture was taken one early morning at Fernando de Noronha, when this group of firemans were playing football on the beach.
  September 12, 2012
Fernando de Noronha, Brazil
By the sea
Mogadishu, Somalia
By Night
20 Juli, 2010
Galapagos, Ecuador
The picture was taken at Panchgani which is a hill station in Satara district of Maharashtra, India. The place is known for number of boarding schools established in late 19th century. The picture shows students playing football at one of the table tops (Volcanic Plateau) of Panchgani.
June 26, 2012
Panchgani, Maharashtra, India
At the start of Autumn in Geneva; kids where training in a football pitch near sunset, likely getting ready for a late evening match.
 28 October 2013
Geneva, Switzerland
hang out
The boys in the image were apparently engaged in a pick-up game of football before heading off to school.
 21 November 2010
Saigon, Vietnam
A campsite
During the bright summer nights, when the sun never sets, it´s amazing to breathe and experience the greatness of nature.  In the winter time the bright hours decrease massively, and in December it´s almost darkness all day.  In the dark and sometimes cold and snowy winter it is helpful that in the last 10 to 15 years a few football halls have been built, and that has helped us to enjoy playing football all year long.
North West, Iceland
schoolyard practice
Hard concrete, tough life – even many years after the civil war nothing is like it was in Kosovo. Except for one thing: the football match. Despite all difficulties of everyday life, it inspires generations. In the picture, pupils from Mitrovica seize a short break to kick the ball in front of a run-down area. They look for the challenge, applaud the goals and, most importantly, have fun – and that is all that matters now behind the fence.
9 September 2010
Mitrovica, Kosovo
two sticks, one goal
Boys are playing football in Torit, South Sudan, early in the morning after a storm hit the town during the night. While most adults were busy removing water from their homes, children were enjoying their favorite sport in their usual improvised fashion.
24 September 2011
Torit, South Sudan
Goalkeeping skills
Renato and his friends stop to play football on the small, bumpy, slanted pitch. They take turns shooting on the wooden goalposts, rotating goalies every few minutes. After about a half an hour of practice, they pack up their things and head home, where Renato's mother would have probably scolded him for dirtying his school clothes, unaware of his goalkeeping heroics on the pitch. 
20 March 2012
San José de Cusmapa, Nicaragua
A dog between
In the quiet coastal town of Baracoa on the eastern tip of Cuba, children play football along with their dog on the streets at dusk. Unable to afford footballs, makeshift balls are often made from taped up paper.
30 May, 2006
Baracoa, Cuba
Altitude 5,000 m
In a small village in Bolivia a group of men is playing football. The backdrop to their game was incredible and despite being at 5000m above sealevel (where oxygen levels are very low), they were easily running around.
8 June, 2008
Southern Altiplano, Bolivia
By the Icecap
Ittoqqortoormiit is one of Greenland's most isolated cities and can only be reached by helicopter and by boat for a short period in the summer season. The local hunters have for generations lived by hunting whales and polar bears  which is still an important occupation.
June 25, 2011
Ittoqqortoormiit, East Greenland
A father's dream
Sot de Chera, Valencia, Spain
Under the light
Quepos, Costa Rica
A dusty game
Children play football in a walled in park on the outskirts of Bamako, Mali. They play after school until it is too dark to see. Bamako is a city of 1.3 million people more famous for its musicians than athletes.
January, 2012
Bamako, Mali
Sacred Valley
Girls playing a Christmas football tournament in the small town called Maras in Peru.
29 Dec 2011
Maras, Peru
Running orange
Foumban is an arts and cultural center for Cameroon. Foumban's Rue des Artisans is a bustling area where mask makers, sculptors, painters and other artists produce their works. Generally, while the adults work, the children attend school. In their free time, however, children of all ages engage in pick-up football games. In this photo, two youngsters kicked an orange ball down a dirt alleyway as the late afternoon sun illuminated the orange hues of dusty Foumban.
18 February, 2008
Foumban, Cameroon
Shared passions
This bare earth football pitch lies in the heart of this community, surrounded by the barrios of Regalo de Dios, Altos de Oriente, El Pinal and Manantiales. Children, youths and adults from the community regularly gather here to take part in one of the unifying and shared passions of all Colombians: Futbol.
Medellin, Colombia
January 29, 2012
Paris, France
 4. April 2012
Dubrovnik, Croatia
In front of Darul Aman Palace.
April 2010
Kabul, Afghanistan
Heading home
After a local football game in one of the hills of Valparaiso this boy is heading home.
May, 2011
Valparaiso, Chile
Golden Horizon
Jaco Beach in Costa Rica is known world-wide as a destination for surfers in search of a perfect wave.  Lovers flock here as well to stroll hand-in-hand into the sunset. But, to the local teenagers it is nothing less than their personal world cup arena... Where the ocean roars like millions of raging fans, where sweat mixes with sand,  dreams soar into the salty air, and the game is played until the last ray of sun dives behind the golden horizon.
May 27, 2005
Jaco Beach, Costa Rica
Better together
Shizuoka, 140km east of Tokyo, is believed to be the place of origin of soccer in Japan, not historically but practically. Over 60 years ago when baseball was most popular sport and fascinating people throughout Japan, Shizuoka was the only place which focused primarily on developing soccer. As a result, Shizuoka has produced a lot of Japan National Team players. In addition to soccer, it is known for the Japanese symbols: Mt. Fuji and the production of Japanese tea. Rising soccer in the land of the rising sun, Japan.
21 October 2012

Shizuoka, Japan
two stones
In Mbouda, Cameroon around mid-day and within a school courtyard made of packed red clay, a group of about ten boys play football. With scant equipment but a ball and some mostly flat space, these boys play hard in bare feet, and rubber clogs. The goal, the two large black stones, can be seen in the foreground. The schoolyard walls seen in the background are imprinted with the markings of footballs as they are used as the boundaries for the game.
August 2011
Mbouda, Cameroon
Silk Route
Every afternoon, when the heat calms down, the esplanade next to the nine hundred years old Kalyan Minaret is the setting for city kids to play football. With a goal painted on one wall and a ball used in a thousand battles, the boys recall the feats of his idols while listening to the voice of the muezzin calling to prayer.
August 2011
Bukhara, Uzbekistan
hats and gloves
Football trainings at the Laaksolahti sports field, Finland early spring. The field is in use almost throughout the year. Only during the coldest days of January and February there is no activity.
10 March 2012
Laaksolahti, Espoo, Finland
What a break
In Myanmar, a monastic experience is a compulsory stage for every Buddhist boy. It is also a way to access a basic scholar education. They will learn the rigorous monastic way of life for some days to several months. Nevertheless, some breaks are allowed. Beyond nationalities, cultures, lifestyles, we are all humans.
May 2010
Sulamani temple, Bagan, Myanmar
Xinjiang province
Kids are playing soccer on the streets of Kashgar Old city. Kashgar (Kashi) is in Xinjiang province in the extreme west of China at the edge of the Taklamakan Desert. It has a long history as an important trading center where the two branches of the ancient silk road meet.
11 May 2009
Kashgar, China
in the ruins
In front of the Skanderbeg Museum in Krujë. The children are playing in the ruins of an ancient fortress that in 1444 was Skanderbeg’s HQ and the centre of Albanian resistance against the Ottoman Empire.
May 14, 2010
Kruje, Albania
In the shade
While there is a large grassy pitch with nets just outside of town, it often sits unused in favor of the more casual sandy setting.  Here, the older boy was dribbling on his own and playing a bit of "keep away" with the toddler, who was chasing after the ball to no avail.
March 30, 2010
Castara, Tobago
A colorful game
Jambiani is a rural fishing village on the east coast of Zanzibar with a population of around 6,000 Every evening after school and work, and once the staring sun has cooled, dozens of young villagers bound on to the beach to play football - an exuberant burst of surf t-shirts, European football shirts and traditional Muslim dress.
October 2011
Jambiani, Zanzibar, Tanzania
On the beach
A sunset game of soccer on the beach in Sri Lanka. In the background is the famous small island Buddhist Temple of Sinigama built on a rock some 100 metres offshore. Suprisingly, this temple was one of the only buildings in the area to remain unscathed after the 2004 Tsunami.
July 2012
Sinigama, Sri Lanka
14 November 2011
Nosy Komba, Madagascar.
narrow streets
The picture was taken while walking over at dawn in Rethymo. I saw these children play on the street, in their neighborhood, likely just before their mums called them for dinner.
Rethymno, Crete, Greece.
Floating practice
The settlement at Ko Panyi was established at the end of the 18th century by nomadic Malay fisherman. The population consists of 360 families or 1,685 people. The village includes a floating football pitch. Inspired by the 1986 FIFA World Cup, children built the pitch from old scraps of wood and fishing rafts. As of 2011, Panyee FC is one of the most successful youth soccer clubs in Southern Thailand.
 4 june 2011
Koh Panyee, Thailand
snow capped peaks
Sundus Village is located at a 15 minutes drive from the Skardu Airport. Prominent landmarks of the area include the Hargisa stream, which flows from the Harisa Glacier in Skardu. Surrounded by towering snow capped peaks, the quiet sand dunes and the great river Indus, all within a vicinity of few kilometer. Local people associate themselves as Mongol descendents and are very friendly and peace loving. Football is the favorite sport of the local people and children of all ages are seen playing the game on daily basis.
20 April, ‎2012
Sundus Village, Skardu, Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan
in line
Amadiya is a small Assyrian and Kurdish town along a tributary to the Great Zab in the Dahuk Governorate of Iraqi Kurdistan. The town is perched on a mountain, formerly only accessible by a narrow stairway cut into the rock.
24 January 2011
Amadiya, Iraq
Behind walls
The walls of the city, built by Ali ibn Yusuf in 1122-1123, and various buildings constructed during this period have given the city the nickname of the "Red City" or "Ochre City" because of the red sandstone used.

7 February, 2013

Marrakech, Morocco
minus degrees

March 2011

Nizhny Novgorod, Russian
catch me if you can
A football match taking place in Yerevan which is the capital of Armenia. The land rises to 4,090 metres above sea level at Mount Aragats, which according to the bible is the place where Noah's ark came to rest.
21 August 2011
Yerevan, Armenia
Passing the fence
The image was taken in the Coyoacán borough of Mexico City. The guys here are playing in a public park situated between government-built projects and a middle-class residential area.  
13 February 2010
Mexico City, Mexico
In the camp
This is one of Majdi’s football clubs; his passion is to bring hope to the youth of Shatila through sports. He volunteers and runs two clubs a week himself, while working as a maintenance man in the camp to provide for his family.
22 November, 2012
Beirut, Lebanon
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
This picture was taken one windy evening before a big storm in one of Phnom Penh’s poorest neighbourhoods.  
9 October 2012
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
In the late afternoon, school children engage in a game of football near the Citadel on top of one of Amman’s seven hills.
4 January, 2012
Amman, Jordan
Young boys playing football outside the Citadel in downtown Aleppo which was first built between 364-333 BC while the majority of the present day structure dates back to Mamluk rule between 1250-1517 AD.
January, 2008
Aleppo, Syria
at a gas station
Cape Verde is an island country, spanning an archipelago of 10 islands located in the central Atlantic Ocean, 570 kilometres off the coast of Western Africa. Before the arrival of Europeans, the Cape Verde Islands were uninhabited. The islands of the Cape Verde archipelago were discovered by Italian and Portuguese navigators around 1456.
March, 2011
Praia, Cape Verde
In the yard
A child care centre in Nairobi, Kenya. The 76 kids in the centre used to live in the poor neighbourhood of Kayole - with crime an pollution being the biggest problems - until they moved to the green outskirts of the city in late december 2011. To play football some used the space between the primary school room an the office, others - mainly the elder ones - went to a dirt place in the outside. Today, with the new center based in Ruai, there is enough space to play inside the fence.
Dec 2011
Nairobi, Kenya
From a sunny courtyard in sleepy old Vittoriosa, Malta, a couple of kids hone their football skills and dream of the World Cup.  Interestingly, the Cross of St. John’s  – Malta’s national emblem – adorns the archway of this particular courtyard.
 March 2008
Vittoriosa, Malta
On the street
Muscat, Oman
Urban planning
Shibam, often referred to as Shibam Hadhramaut, is a town located in the Ramlat al-Sab`atayn desert ,Yemen. This city i world famous for the architectural structures, known as "the oldest skyscraper city in the world" which is one of the oldest and best examples of urban planning based on the principle of vertical construction.

20 December, 2007

Shibam, Yemen
Sydney Opera House
Sydney, Australia
Pier 40
The largest pier in the Hudson River, Pier 40, was originally built as a shipping terminal. Now it's home to a huge complex of fields, indoor and outdoor, used by schoolkids across the city in all seasons.

21 June, 2008

New York, USA
next to the Atlantic
Eiði is and settlement located in the northwestern part of the Faroe Islands. The settlement was founded in the late 17th century and contains 771 inhabitants. Between mountains next to the north Atlantic, the local football field is placed . A large fence around the pitch keeps the ball out of the big waves.
13 June 2011
Eioi, Faroe Islands
in the field
Suriname is the smallest independent country in South America. Suriname is situated between French Guiana to the east and Guyana to the west. The southern border is shared with Brazil and the northern border is the Atlantic coast.
March, 2010
Palameu, Suriname
Three months after the earthquake that devastated nearby Port-au-Prince, a group of kids play football in the yard in front of a church which was being used as a shelter and feeding center for earthquake victims. 
April 16, 2010
Jacmel, Haiti
George Djikpo (with the white shorts) is 19 and from the capital city of Lomé, about 12 hours south in the most developed, urban part of Togo. The village of Gbentchal isn't on any maps. It is in a forgotten, tribal part of western Africa accessed only by a "road" with perilous river crossings through lawless territory.
3 July, 2012
Gbentchal, Togo
Down the alley
In a narrow street of Bethlehem, children enjoying themselves while chasing the ball down the alley.
march 2013
Dehesha Refugee Camp - Bethlehem
In the sun
From school playgrounds, green areas or parks, to the sandy beaches represented by this photograph in Trou d'Eau Douce - the beautiful game is enjoyed everywhere! Football is the number one sport in Mauritius. Actually, there is no close second!
16 January 2011
Trou d'Eau Douce, Mauritius
in the air
A group of children play with their home made soccer ball, and all have fun jumping into the air to compete for the ball. These children live with their familes in small, so they spend a lot of time together outdoors and are resourceful and creative in keeping active through games.
31 dec 2011
Quthing, Lesotho
A world of it's own
With it's active and lively volcano and deep jungle, the island of Tanna, Vanuatu liesin the Pacific ocean in a world of it's own. The island has limited modern inventions and follows very traditional ways of life. A population of roughly 30,000 people inhabit the island and you'll find smiles in abundance.  
November 10, 2010
Tanna, Vanuatu
better than one
Male, Maldives
in the neighborhood
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Grenada Lime
You can't walk down the popular Grand Anse Beach in Grenada on a weekend without finding at least one football! What better football field could you wish for?! Inevitably, the ball will land in the water - an additional challenge for the players when added to the passerby and the uneven beach sand. Who cares about these small problems, when you can end your game with a swim in the warm Caribbean Sea? There are certainly not many better ways to "lime" on the Spice Isle, than spend time with friends and loved ones on a beautiful beach!
5 May 2013
Grand Anse, Grenada
Locals gather for the Tufi football Championships, located on a fjord in Papua New Guinea surrounded by tropical reefs.
 September 26, 2010
Tufi, Papua New Guinea
Asunción, the capital of Paraguay, is a city of contrasts. Here, the barefoot children from the nearby slums play football in the back of the neoclassical Palacio de los López, the official workplace of the president of the republic.
3 April 2011
Asunción, Paraguay
This photo was taken in an African shanty town known as Linda Compound, located just outside of Zambia's capital city, Lusaka. There are approximately 25,000 people living here, most without basic necessities such as water and sanitation. What may come as a surprise is that, while they lack the basics, they do have a decent football team thanks to the Light of Hope Community Health Care Center
January 14, 2010
Linda Compound, Lusaka, Zambia
The expression ‘half four na’ in Solomon Islands pijin refers to the time in the afternoon when children, villagers, government workers and friends all come together in communities across the country to stop, enjoy the few moments when the sun is still up but the oppressive heat has dropped enough to enjoy a game of football with friends.
23 July, 2009
Atoifi, Malaita Province, Solomon Islands
On their way
December 13, 2009
Banjul, Gambia
colorful flags
Kathmandu, Nepal
Benin, birthplace of vodoo, is a small western African country full of history and rich of culture. Cotonou, the economic capital and the biggest city of the country, is ramshackle and a hub of poverty. Although in this place as all around the world, football comes to move bodies and warm hearts. Sports facilities are weak or non-existence. Thus, in Cotonou, young people build teams over neighborhoods. They train in the street or at the beach, and every sunday morning, to avoid the heavy sun, they play in the townships' streets.
10 May, 2012
Cotonou, Benin
Between the rocks
Amongst the lush tropical forests of Mahe in the Seychelles Islands you will find houses hidden away between the trees adorned in Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United and Liverpool flags and banners. Such is their passion for the English Premiership, which is beamed to them by satellite every night, that they gather on the paradise island’s Beau Vallon beach to play football like their heroes on the other side of the World.
11th November 2010
Mahe, Seychelles
the longest river
The Nile is a major north-flowing river in northeastern Africa, generally regarded as the longest river in the world.It is 6,650 km (4,130 miles) long. The Nile is an "international" river as its water resources are shared by eleven countries. In particular, the Nile is the primary water resource and life artery for Egypt.
18 November, 2008
Egypt, Nile river north of Luxor
At 1,564,116 square kilometres, Mongolia is the 19th largest and the most sparsely populated independent country in the world, with a population of around 2.9 million people. It is also the world's second-largest landlocked country after Kazakhstan. The country contains very little arable land, as much of its area is covered by steppes, with mountains to the north and west and the Gobi Desert to the south. Approximately 30% of the population are nomadic or semi-nomadic.
June 2013
Murun, Mongolia
Ouagadougou is the capital of Burkina Faso and the administrative, communications, cultural and economic centre of the nation. It is also the country's largest city, with a population of 1,475,223. The inhabitants are called ouagalais. The spelling of the name Ouagadougou is derived from the French orthography common in former French African colonies.
September 27, 2011
Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Kigali Soccer training organized by the ASPOR: Amical Sportif de Rwanda. Sports played in important role in the reconciliation efforts after the Rwandan genocide of 1994. During the 10-year commemoration in April 2004, a week of national mourning, only friendly matches between Rwandan teams were allowed. 
4 October 2004
Kigali, Rwanda
meeting space
Men and women are crowded together in a meeting space, while the local children are chasing the ball without showing any interest to the important issues to be solved in the shade behind them.
6 September, 2011
Freetown, Sierra Leone
Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei
between blocks
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
European Parliament
The European Parliament is the directly elected parliamentary institution of the European Union (EU).
2 October, 2007
Brussels, Belgium
sea view
Every Child dream is to follow the footsteps of their great football legends..... And every nations dream is to have these legends represent them as their "Dream Team ". Legends come and go but their footsteps would remain in our memory and for the future generations. Qatar, a country with a multinational community united by its football fever.  This photo of the young kids taking a short break from all the kicking and running was taken during my morning photo walk on the Doha Corniche.
June 10, 2011
Doha, Qatar
Who is Messi?
The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, commonly known as North Korea, is one of the most secluded countries on earth. Football though is as popular as anywhere else in the world. Here you can see children of Pyongyang’s “June 9th Middle School” playing on a sunny afternoon.
April 30th 2013
Pyongyang, North Korea
soccer city
Located high up in the country’s central, cloud-covered mountains, Jarabacoa is the Dominican Republic’s ‘soccer city.’ More than a few bars here cater to that crowd, showing soccer matches in place of the usual American music videos and Major League Baseball games.
11 July 2010
Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic
Blantyre, Malawi
temple of fertility
Chimi Lhakhang Temple, Punakha City, Bhutan. This temple is known as the temple of fertility. It is widely believed that couples who do not have children and wanting one, if they pray at this temple, they are usually blessed with a child very soon. The Children Monks are playing football in the temple. May 9, 2011
Punakha, Bhutan
beside blocks
Bucheon, South Korea
Nagorno-Karabakh or Mountainous Karabagh is a landlocked region in the South Caucasus, lying between Lower Karabakh and Zangezur and covering the southeastern range of the Lesser Caucasus mountains. The region is mostly mountainous and forested.    
30 April  2014
Nagorno Karabakh
By the tree
Feb / 2008
Odumase Krobo, Ghana
Odumase Krobo, GhanaNagorno KarabakhSundus Village, Skardu, Gilgit Baltistan, PakistanBucheon, South KoreaDushanbe, TajikistanPunakha, BhutanBlantyre, MalawiJarabacoa, Dominican RepublicQuthing, LesothoPyongyang, North KoreaKashgar, ChinaGeneva, SwitzerlandMitrovica, KosovoKruje, AlbaniaDoha, QatarBrussels, BelgiumAmsterdam, The NetherlandsMurun, MongoliaBandar Seri Begawan, BruneiFreetown, Sierra LeoneKigali, RwandaRethymno, Crete, Greece.Ouagadougou, Burkina FasoEgypt, Nile river north of LuxorMahe, SeychellesCotonou, BeninBukavu, Democratic Republic of CongoAmadiya, IraqKathmandu, NepalBanjul, GambiaAtoifi, Malaita Province, Solomon IslandsLinda Compound, Lusaka, ZambiaAsunción, ParaguayTufi, Papua New GuineaGrand Anse, GrenadaBuenos Aires, ArgentinaMale, MaldivesTanna, VanuatuTrou d’Eau Douce, MauritiusDehesha Refugee Camp – BethlehemGbentchal, TogoJacmel, HaitiPalameu, SurinameSanta Catarina, GuatemalaBeirut, LebanonEioi, Faroe IslandsNew York, USAMarrakech, MoroccoSydney, AustraliaShibam, YemenMuscat, OmanVittoriosa, MaltaNairobi, KenyaPraia, Cape VerdeAleppo, SyriaAmman, JordanSan José de Cusmapa, NicaraguaNizhny Novgorod, RussianPhnom Penh, CambodiaAddis Abeba, EthiopiaMexico City, MexicoSulamani temple, Bagan, MyanmarYerevan, ArmeniaLaaksolahti, Espoo, FinlandShizuoka, JapanBukhara, UzbekistanMbouda, CameroonBaracoa, CubaJaco Beach, Costa RicaValparaiso, ChileMogadishu, SomaliaPanchgani, Maharashtra, IndiaGalapagos, EcuadorSines, PortugalParis, FranceKabul, AfghanistanDubrovnik, CroatiaFoumban, CameroonBamako, MaliMedellin, ColombiaMaras, PeruCastara, TobagoQuepos, Costa RicaNosy Komba, Madagascar.Sinigama, Sri LankaJambiani, Zanzibar, TanzaniaTaranto, Apulia, ItalyFernando de Noronha, BrazilSot de Chera, Valencia, SpainUbud, BaliKuala Terengganu, MalaysiaNorth West, IcelandKoh Panyee, ThailandCentral Jakarta, IndonesiaIttoqqortoormiit, East GreenlandSouthern Altiplano, BoliviaSharq al Istiwa´iyah, SudanSaigon, VietnamCopenhagen, DenmarkNtambalala sprawls, South Africa